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Eco products that every mom will need

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Eco products that every mom will need

In connection with the growing awareness of the environment and ecology, we try to choose products that do not contribute to the deterioration of the climate situation. This attitude is also very popular among mothers who reach for eco-friendly products. Unfortunately, baby items generate a lot of additional plastic waste, which is difficult to recycle. You may want to look for an alternative that is environmentally friendly

What eco-friendly baby products are worth using?

Reusable diapers

A very popular solution among eco moms is the use of reusable diapers. Instead of plastic pampers they choose tetra or bamboo inserts. On the market you can find beautiful wipes, which thanks to adjustable size are a purchase even for a few years. In addition to the environmental aspect, many moms note that reusable diapers are a more economical choice and less likely to irritate the baby’s skin

Organic food

Every parent wants the best for their baby, so they try to choose the best quality foods. Many moms and dads try to give their baby organic products from intimate farms and small rural farms. A diet rich in seasonal fruits and vegetables will be the best choice. Many also try to limit meat and animal products

Eco cosmetics for children

In addition to food and groceries, it is also worth using organic baby care products. The best will be cosmetics with a simple, natural composition. Many people return to old methods and bathe their children in starch, i.e. a solution of water and potato flour. It is a non-invasive way to treat all skin problems such as diaper rash. For many moms, an important consideration when choosing cosmetics will be whether the products are vegan and have not been tested on animals

Eco suggestions for moms

A reusable water bottle or bidon

Daily hydration is a very important part of a healthy lifestyle that every mom should follow. The best way to do this is by drinking water, fresh juices or eating nutritious soups. A great way to increase the amount of fluids you drink is to carry a water bottle or water bottle with you. To reduce the production of plastic waste, it is worth investing in a reusable thermal bottle or a bottle with a built-in filter. The latter product is a very economical solution because it allows us to pour tap water into it without worry. This change is a very simple way to be more eco-friendly

Reusable breast pads

Another product that creates quite a bit of waste every day is disposable breast pads. Every breastfeeding mom uses them in order not to have breast milk stains on her clothes and underwear. Often women in the last months of pregnancy already start wearing them. A great alternative will be reusable breast pads, which can be successfully washed in the works

Ecological shopping nets

When we are in the store we are faced with a choice whether to pack our purchases into plastic bags or rather choose a more environmentally friendly option. Just equip yourself with a set of reusable bags in which you can weigh and transport your fruits and vegetables. It is a minimal effort which allows us to completely resign from plastic disposable bags. Mesh bags can be sewn by yourself or bought ready in ecological stores. Shopping immediately becomes more pleasant when we can do it without any remorse

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