Gifts for a one-year anniversary – a stylish list

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Gifts for a one-year anniversary – a stylish list

The first birthday is a very important occasion in the life of a child. This is when the whole family gathers and celebrates the first year of the toddler’s life. Such an event requires not only a wonderful setting, but also to find unique gifts. 

Guests double and triple their efforts to fathom what will be useful for the birthday boy or girl. Whether it’s a boy or a girl, our suggestions are sure to work. To make the task easier for family and friends, it’s a good idea to create a list of things that will steal the child’s heart and be a hit gift. So learn about the most stylish first birthday gifts!

First birthday – what to buy for your child?

Your child is turning one and everyone is asking what to buy for this special occasion? It’s a good idea to check out the range of children’s stores in advance and decide what you and your little one might need. After all, there are things that will become not only practical, but will also be an excellent souvenir. As a rule, many people choose toys that for a child of this age are an excellent idea. However, it is worth consulting the parents beforehand to find out what the toddler likes, as well as what he already has at home.

Personalized plush

For the first, as well as for each subsequent birthday as a keepsake, plush toys are excellent. Children love to hug them, squeeze them and sleep with them. It’s a good idea to find a favorite animal and to make sure it has an embroidered name or dedication. You can find many companies that do this. On top of that, they have designs to choose from that reflect the baby in terms of appearance. You can even choose a combination of a stylish doll and a backpack. Such a gift will come in handy for years to come, and will be a great memento of this special holiday.

Dry pool to match the room

Children, especially those of preschool age and younger, are even fond of pools filled with balls. Why not treat them to such an attraction at home? This form of entertainment develops the toddler’s sensory abilities, and on top of that, gives them a ton of fun for hours. A small pool filled with soft plastic balls can also be personalized. You can choose not only the color of the balls, but also the size of the pool, its shape and the color of the material. It will be great for year-old children, but also for older ones.

Souvenir album

If you have a bunch of photos of your toddler and would like to use them in your gift, create something special for him. A custom-made photo album with information about who it belongs to, what occasion it was given for and by whom will work great. You can also add your personal dedication on the first page. Print out all the photos of the child you have and put them in the album. Such a gift even after 15 years will be a great souvenir, especially in an era when most photos are on your phone.

First jewelry

In this case, the gift will work mainly for a girl. Little princesses love to dress up, so children’s jewelry will certainly be a hit. Remember to bet on proven companies, which will additionally engrave the appropriate inscription on the surface of the bracelet. What follows is that even many years from now it will remind you of the person who gave it. There are versions and sizes even for small hands, and you can choose from such designs as Mickey Mouse, cats or flowers. For a boy, you can gift a small vintage car that can be placed on a shelf.

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