Can potency problems affect trying for a baby?

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Can potency problems affect trying for a baby?

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Potency disorders are a fairly common problem among many young men. It is not always caused by health. Sometimes it is a result of long-term stress. You should not be ashamed of it, but you need to take action quickly, especially if you are trying to enlarge your family.

The dream of having a child is not always easy to achieve. Infertility or low libido can mean that despite your best efforts, getting pregnant may not be possible quickly. This results in stress and can affect the relationship, often leading to tense situations. It is generally believed that the woman bears the greatest burden in preparing for a family expansion. However, it is important to bear in mind that men may also suffer from disorders and conditions which can have an impact on an increased or decreased chance of a woman becoming pregnant. The most important of these is erectile dysfunction.

When is it a problem to worry about?

You need to know that lack of erections does not always mean health problems. If they happen occasionally, they may be due to excessive stress, which lowers libido. This indisposition during intimate intercourse can further lower a man’s self-esteem, so it is important that you are not afraid to talk to him honestly and let him know that he has support in you. Many men find it embarrassing to talk about their masculinity, and especially about problems with it. Remember that lack of erection does not always mean infertility. Often it’s simply, as indicated above, prolonged stress or fatigue, which can be caused by normal work

If the potency disorder occurs frequently or every time intercourse is about to take place or the man feels pain, then he should immediately see a urology specialist. He will assess whether the problem is e.g. poor blood flow to the penis and order tests such as a blood count or cholesterol check to help rule out medical conditions.

You may need to take remedies such as kamagra or viagrawhich is nothing to be ashamed of. By introducing treatment quickly, you and your partner can significantly accelerate your efforts to have a child and gain confidence that erectile dysfunction will be eliminated. It is also important to consult a sexologist and a gynecologist, who can also point out the causes of the problem and find a way to solve it, such as prescribing a suitable prescription drug.

What changes should I make in my daily life?

It is worth knowing that bad habits contribute to potency problems. One of them is lack of sleep. The body needs time to regenerate and fatigue may affect not only sexual desire but also the desire to try for a child. Therefore, you and your partner should find time during the day to rest. A good night’s sleep means more energy and desire during the day, which in turn translates into a good mood that allows your libido to reach the desired level.

You should also change your diet, which affects the quality of your semen and your general health. It is best to give up fast food, stimulants and highly processed products while trying to have a baby. You should supplement your daily meals with vitamins and minerals. It is also good to increase physical activity – it will improve circulation, which is very important for achieving an erection.

Erectile dysfunction can affect your efforts to have a baby, creating frustration, a sense of low self-esteem, and creating conflict in your relationship. Prevention is important in regularly examining the state of your health, talking to your partner and reacting quickly if you notice the first signs of potency problems, which will greatly facilitate the pursuit of pregnancy.

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