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First toys for a baby – what is a good idea to decide on?

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First toys for a baby – what is a good idea to decide on?

It is worth choosing toys for your child carefully. They can positively affect his development and acquisition of new skills. So which will be the best?

In stores you will find thousands of different toys. It turns out, however, that not all of them are of good quality. Some also do not contribute much to the development of the child. And it is worth choosing those that will promote the acquisition of new skills and discovery of the world by a toddler. So what to suggest when shopping?

Contrasting toys – a real hit

When a baby is 2 weeks old, it opens its eyes more and more often and starts to notice more and more. It should be remembered that at this time the baby should not be attacked by an excess of stimuli – the nervous system is still very delicate. However, the eyesight is getting sharper and blurred images are becoming clearer. That is why it is a good idea to use contrasting books and charts. A good solution is to hang them on the rungs of the crib, so that the child can observe them after waking up. At the beginning, black and white gadgets will be the best, with time you can introduce other strong and vivid colors. Apart from books and boards, you can also choose cubes, teddy bears or rattles.

If you don’t have contrasting boards – you can make them yourself. It is enough to cut out geometrical shapes from cardboard and stick them on black and white paper or paint them. Even a simple marker on a white sheet of paper will work. A child will certainly be more interested in such a toy than in a bright teddy bear from the store.

Soft melodies are a good choice!

It’s worth knowing that at the beginning the baby hears high notes much more clearly. That’s why mom’s soft singing has such a calming effect on them. Therefore, it is worth using toys with music box, e.g. teddy bears and crib carrousel (it would be best if it not only played but also had contrasting colors). Toddlers love to lie down and listen to peaceful melodies

When it comes to playing toys, of course, there should be rattles. These will work best when your baby can grasp them on his own and play with them, waving and listening to different sounds. In the case of a few-week-old baby, it is the parent who can shake them and show them to the child. Interestingly, we are often unaware of how much good rattles do. Research confirms that they are excellent for supporting speech and intellectual development

Educational mats – why is it worth it?

Educational mats are very popular. You can put your child on them and perform household activities at the same time. The mats are colorful, contrasting and have attached swinging toys and mirrors that attract the child’s attention and encourage it to grab them. In addition, there are often rustling materials on the sides, which are very interesting for toddlers. Some of them also have built-in music boxes or pianos (which play when the child hits them with its foot)

Teethers for sore gums

Growing teeth often hurt both babies and parents, who do everything they can to relieve the pain. In this case, teethers are the perfect solution. They are a great toy and at the same time help with itchy gums. There are different teethers to choose from – those that resemble a pacifier, gel teethers, wooden teethers and water teethers. When choosing them, remember that they should be of the highest quality, made of suitable materials that are friendly for the tiny baby. They cannot have attached beads or other elements that the toddler could swallow while playing. Teeth, in addition to relieving pain, also develop motor coordination (the child learns to hit the object to the mouth) and manual skills (toddler learns to grasp, translate the teether from hand to hand)

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