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Moses basket for a newborn baby – we suggest which model to choose

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Moses basket for a newborn baby – we suggest which model to choose

Many young mothers wonder whether a Moses basket should be included in their baby’s layette. Can this accessory replace a traditional crib or is it just an additional space in which we can place our baby? The answer is not simple, because it depends on the child, whether it will like the time spent in the Moses basket, and on the mother, who has to check whether such a gadget will be helpful for her. We will try to answer these doubts and together choose a Moses basket that will be the optimal choice for every parent

Moses basket is an accessory that will be great for the first months of a baby’s life. In the stores you can find small baskets often made of pleasant-to-touch material, some of them have an additional rocking function, and there are even models with built-in wheels. An unquestionable advantage is the fact that such a basket does not weigh much, thanks to which it can be easily carried. Certainly for parents, the safety of the baby is crucial, who for the first 3 months feels better in smaller and cozier spaces. Often buying a Moses basket makes the baby sleep better, and handling the small shell is much easier than moving the whole crib

How to choose a Moses basket for your baby?

What to pay attention to when looking for the perfect Moses basket for our baby. The most important aspect is safety, so you should make sure that the model has the appropriate certificates. Additionally, it’s worth paying attention to what the gadget is made of; cotton or wicker baskets work much better than those made of plastic. Also important is the weight of the basket and whether the handle is comfortable and durable. For many parents it is also important to choose a design that suits the child’s corner

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