What should go in your pregnancy bag to the hospital – we create a check list

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What should go in your pregnancy bag to the hospital – we create a check list

Pregnancy layette for the hospital is a very important matter. It must include personal hygiene products, clothes and necessary documents. If you do not forget anything, you will be more relaxed. It will also give you a sense of control over a stressful situation

First you need to check the website of the hospital where you will give birth. There should be information about what they offer to new mothers. Whether you are giving birth by caesarean section or naturally, the list of things you need is very similar

How to pack a pregnancy bag?

It is best to start packing as early as 36 weeks of pregnancy. At this time the whole process will go quickly, smoothly and stress-free. It is extremely important to be prepared for any situation. Unforeseen events may always happen and you will be ready for them

The maternity kit should be packed together with the baby’s father so that he is also aware of what is where. Make sure that the suitcase or bag is of medium size. This is important because hospital rooms are not the largest. The layette should fit under the hospital bed so that it does not take up unnecessary space next to it. The whole kit should be packed for a standard hospital stay, i.e. 2-3 days. The check list we have prepared will be sufficient for this time. The layette should be divided into three parts:

  • things for the birth,
  • things for the baby,
  • things for you.

If the baby’s father will accompany you to the hospital, he should also be included when packing

An extended hospital stay may also occur. When packing, prepare the necessary items together in one place, such as the living room. If necessary, someone close to you can drop off the previously prepared items

Maternity wear for the hospital

When preparing a hospital layette, it is advisable to pack documents and test results separately.

Also, do not take surplus clothes, your partner or someone close to you can easily drop them off


  • hospital referral (not required in most places),
  • iD card,
  • Employer’s or your own VAT number,
  • pregnancy chart.

Test results

  • HBS (done at 32nd week of pregnancy),
  • WR (done twice),
  • blood group and RH with immune antibodies determined,
  • recent morphology,
  • Pregnancy ultrasound: preferably from the third trimester of pregnancy,
  • hIV test results,
  • gBS test result (vaginal culture),
  • other test results in case of illness,
  • in case of a planned Caesarean section, an ionogram (sodium and potassium) and a coagulogram (INR, APTT) are required.

Maternity supplies:

  • nightgowns or tattered t-shirts – these are usually discarded after delivery,
  • bathrobe,
  • flip-flops, preferably rubber, useful in the shower,
  • warm socks,
  • wet wipes,
  • tetrowej diaper or a soft cloth,
  • for food and drink: still mineral water, chocolate bars, protein snacks, bananas.

Postpartum layette

  • 2 breastfeeding bras,
  • 4-6 postpartum panties made of breathable material,
  • underwear for leaving the hospital,
  • toiletries (soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, hair elastics, antiperspirant),
  • 2 towels (one larger, one smaller),
  • 2-3 packages of postpartum pads,
  • a roll of soft toilet paper,
  • breast pads,
  • lanolin,
  • a nursing pillow,
  • loose, comfortable clothes for when you get home.

Also, don’t forget things that will make your stay more enjoyable, such as a phone charger, headphones with music, or an ebook reader.

Hospital layette for a newborn:

You should also pack essentials for your newborn in your bag. During the hospital stay you will need

  • 20-30 0+ disposable diapers,
  • 3 thin cotton T-shirts or bodysuits,
  • 3 full zip bodysuits,
  • 3 rompers or romper suits,
  • 2 pairs of socks,
  • non-scratch gloves,
  • tetra or muslin wipes,
  • a packet of natural wet wipes,
  • a bath towel,
  • blanket or blanket,
  • baby wash recommended from the first day of life,
  • clothes for leaving the hospital according to the season.

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