Depression in pregnancy – what symptoms should get your attention?

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Depression in pregnancy – what symptoms should get your attention?

Mood swings are characteristic of pregnant women and are therefore most often underestimated by them. Moreover, family and friends also attribute such a state to hormonal imbalance. So what should attract your attention? How to protect yourself from postpartum depression? Here we suggest!

Contrary to appearances depression during pregnancy or perinatal is not as rare as many people think. What is more, if untreated, it can have serious consequences for both the baby and the mother. It is also worth knowing that depression is not just a disease affecting only those women who are unwillingly pregnant. Contrary to what may seem, many mothers who have planned or long awaited the arrival of their offspring can also be affected by it.

The first worrying symptoms?

Mood swings are characteristic of pregnancy. It has to do with the hormones. If, however, this state of mind lasts for too long or you notice symptoms such as reduced mood, apathy, irritability, chronic fatigue, aversion to any kind of activity, impaired concentration and a constant train of thought more and more frequently, these are the first symptoms which should attract your attention.

What can you do in such a situation?

See a specialist. Sometimes a few appointments can help you cope with the accumulated tension. It is not uncommon for depression to attack severely after childbirth. The latter is a huge effort and pain for a woman’s organism and often leads to further hormonal disturbances. What is more, the change of priorities in life, body image, resignation from work or sleepless nights all increase the negative emotional states. A psychologist will allow you to prepare for all this, will teach you how to cope with stress, negative thoughts and difficulties of motherhood. Thanks to the meetings, you will not only counteract depression, but also improve your mood, sense of attractiveness and self-confidence, and as a result you will be able to be a better mom and wife. Remember that in order to give happiness to others it is you who must first be happy.

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