Here are some simple rules that should be followed by anyone visiting an infant

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Here are some simple rules that should be followed by anyone visiting an infant

The arrival of a child is a big life change for any young parent to adapt to. Your social life changes as well.

Friends or family members have had a baby and you want to meet them as soon as possible?

First, don’t drop by unannounced. Ask when the time is right. When you don’t get a quick answer or it’s a bit evasive, don’t take it the wrong way. If you do manage to make an appointment, stop by for a moment. Surely, everything has already been prepared for you.

Secondly, maintain proper hygiene. Wash your hands immediately after coming in. If you feel like you have a cold, cancel or reschedule your appointment. This is very important not only during a pandemic.

Remember that young parents may not be getting enough sleep. Don’t drag out your visit. Also, don’t expect special treatment. On the contrary, it will certainly be nice for everyone if you are the one who brings a cake with you and offers to make tea.

Another important thing is your approach to the baby itself. Do not demand to hold the infant. Especially when he is asleep, do everything so that he does not wake up. When the baby is awake, always ask if you can pick him up, hold him, carry him. If the parent agrees, then also instruct you on how it should be done.

All parents are convinced that their baby is the most beautiful, sweetest, most amazing baby ever born. It is always good when other people confirm this and say nice things about their baby.

Young parents often talk about family members, friends or even neighbors and random people giving them advice they don’t ask for. This can cause frustration on the parents’ part or even lead to conflict. Instead of unsolicited advice, support your friends or family by offering to do the shopping or walk the dog. Even if they don’t take up the offer, it will be received positively. It’s always good to have someone you can count on in an emergency situation.

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