Why exercise your Kegel muscles? How do they affect childbirth?

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Why exercise your Kegel muscles? How do they affect childbirth?

Many women do not know how important it is to exercise the Kegel muscles during pregnancy and also after the birth of the baby. These are the pelvic floor muscles responsible for supporting the reproductive organs, bladder and rectum. Pregnancy, childbirth, and even injuries or gynecological procedures weaken this part of the body, so it is worth strengthening it regularly with appropriate exercises. Find out how quickly and easily you can start regular training, no matter where you are

Kegels have a very important function in the female body. They support many vital organs, facilitate childbirth, and help you return to full fitness after the birth of your baby. Like every muscle part, also this one should be subjected to regular exercises to make it adequately strengthened, flexible and resistant. Thanks to this we can avoid problems with incontinence, urination and other health problems. After childbirth, no matter whether it was natural or by caesarean section, it is worth visiting a urogynaecological physiotherapist. This is especially important when the young mother feels pain during intercourse or when taking care of physiological needs. It is becoming more common for women to go for a check-up at the end of the 6-week postpartum period

How do I train my Kegel muscles?

Many young women begin to exercise their Kegel muscles only during practical classes at the birthing school. However, it is worth starting training much earlier to strengthen this part of the body, the more so as these activities are not difficult or tiring. However, it is worth remembering about regularity and devote a few minutes each day to perform several repetitions

Before you start exercising, it’s a good idea to go to the restroom and urinate. The workout can be done sitting or lying down. Simply tighten your perineal muscles so that your pelvis lifts a little. After a few seconds of holding on, relax and breathe out. You can do the exercises in the office, in the car or while watching your favorite TV series

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