Vegan Mom! What do you need to remember when you get pregnant?

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Vegan Mom! What do you need to remember when you get pregnant?

More and more Poles declare themselves as people who have completely excluded or limited animal products. Women who are trying to have a baby or are pregnant should eat a healthy, nutritious and balanced diet. Is it possible to provide the body with all the necessary nutrients while on a vegan diet? But should mothers-to-be eat meat and dairy products during pregnancy? Find out the answers to these questions!

Many stereotypes say that a vegan mom is unable to provide her baby with the necessary nutrients for development. Therefore, many people (especially concerned moms and grandmothers) advise pregnant women against staying on a vegan diet. However, medical and dietetic experts believe that a plant-based diet is a safe and healthy way to eat, but under certain conditions. The fetus needs a certain amount of protein to develop, so it is important to pay close attention to the amount of this ingredient in your diet. Vegan moms should especially monitor their health status, for example, through frequent blood counts. What other factors contribute to a healthy vegan diet during pregnancy?

5 things to keep in mind when you’re vegan and getting pregnant


Protein is a very important part of our diet that has a significant impact on the developing fetus. However, this does not mean that the protein put into the body should come from animals. A pregnant woman needs to eat between 40 and 70 grams of protein daily. In a plant-based diet there are many sources of protein that a mother-to-be should reach for every day. Protein is found in tofu, lentils, nuts, legumes, and peanut butter


Most moms-to-be start ingesting folic acid at the very beginning of pregnancy. It is a dietary supplement which is not produced naturally by the body and should be supplied in other ways, e.g. by taking tablets. In addition to pharmacological remedies, it is worth supplying folic acid by eating a proper diet. This valuable component is found in many green vegetables, so often reach for broccoli, spinach, kale or green asparagus


Mother’s diet should be rich in valuable ingredients and vitamins, so it is worth to eat proper foods that will be varied. The basis should be vegetables, fruits, groats, rice and very important in the diet nuts and seeds. It may be a good idea to seek advice from a nutritionist during pregnancy


Important nutrients that all vegans and vegetarians should supplement are B vitamins, especially vitamin B12. This vitamin is found mainly in meat, fish, dairy products, and eggs, foods that a vegan mom is unlikely to eat. It’s worth talking to your healthcare provider about B12 supplementation for pregnant women


Moms who are vegan should especially monitor their health and test results during pregnancy. A regular blood count can help to check that you have adequate iron levels in your blood; iron deficiency can lead to anemia, which can be particularly dangerous during pregnancy. This can lead to anaemia, which can be particularly dangerous during pregnancy. About the fact of being vegan, it is worth informing your doctor who is managing our pregnancy

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