6 superstitions about the beauty of pregnant women

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6 superstitions about the beauty of pregnant women

Does the arrival of a baby in the belly make it necessary for young moms to forgo many skincare routines and practices? It depends. A lot of superstitions and myths have been created around the topic of beauty and pregnancy over the years. Which of them are true and which are total nonsense?

Pregnancy has a big impact on the condition of our skin, hair and nails. Often these changes are for the better, because during pregnancy the amount of hormones in the body increases. The time of developing baby in the belly is not a reason to give up on beauty rituals. Many myths are damaging and cause young moms to lose confidence and compare themselves to others. If you have any doubts about beauty treatments during pregnancy, consult a specialist

The most common myths about pregnancy care and beauty

  1. Hair loss after pregnancy affects only some women

Hair loss is normal and common among new mothers. It is a process directly related to the hormonal balance, which after delivery starts to return to its pre-pregnancy state. Intensive hair loss usually starts around the 5th month after delivery. Some women use special treatments and hair rubs during this time, but the problem usually disappears after a few weeks

  1. You should use special cosmetics during pregnancy

In a way, this is true, because many women decide to include cosmetics to prevent pregnancy stretch marks in their daily care. However, if you do not see blemishes, imperfections or allergic reactions on your skin, there is no reason to change your current cosmetics. During pregnancy, however, you should not test and experiment with skin care products for the face, body and hair

  1. Makeup products can be dangerous

Makeup is safe during pregnancy, and there are no contraindications for not applying makeup to your eyelashes and lips. Nowadays, cosmetics are subject to very strict guidelines, so the proposals available on the market are as safe as possible. However, if you notice that your facial skin reacts badly to some product, give it up and look for a substitute

  1. Using breast creams can disrupt lactation

Moms-to-be who want to breastfeed their babies can rest assured. There is no scientific evidence to believe that the use of creams or lotions can affect the lactation process. On the contrary, it is recommended to use special cosmetics during pregnancy that will help reduce stretch marks

  1. It is better to resign from peeling

Home-made peelings are allowed during pregnancy. However, deep cleansing scrubs, which are performed in beauty salons, are not recommended. They can be too invasive during pregnancy and therefore pose a risk to the baby’s development. In pregnancy, it is worth betting on care that is gentler on the skin and that can be successfully performed at home. Peelings can help remove dead skin, so it is worth performing them regularly. Enzymatic peels are recommended during pregnancy, because they are gentler than mechanical ones and do not irritate the skin.

  1. You should not use the services of a beauty salon

This is not true. Many beauty parlors have in their offer special treatments and services dedicated to pregnant women. Some treatments are actually prohibited for pregnant women, so it is advisable to inform your beautician in advance that you are in a “blessed” state. This is especially important in the early months of pregnancy, when the belly is still invisible. The group of forbidden services during pregnancy includes, among others, the above-mentioned peeling performed with the help of an acid, slimming treatments or those that require strong warming of the body

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