5 creative games you can suggest for your older child

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5 creative games you can suggest for your older child

The time of social isolation does not spoil anyone, especially the youngest. It is convenient to play a fairy tale or turn on a computer game. However, for the development of a child, it is much better to play together with a parent, which will stimulate its imagination.

It is not only during the rain that children get bored. During home isolation our kids can complain about the lack of impressions. Especially older children accustomed to frequent outings, entertainment outside the home may feel the effects of the restrictions they now face. However, time at home can be creatively organized, so that the whole family has fun

Board games for imagination and strategic thinking

Today’s board games are no longer Chinese or Scrabble. Hits such as Dixit or Attack of the Zombies are a completely different kind of board games. Whole communities, including adults, gather around these types of games. That’s why board games are the perfect entertainment for the whole family. Many of them are based on storytelling or devising strategies for action and forward thinking. You have to plan your move, taking into account possible scenarios of actions of other players. This is very developmental and great entertainment for older children. By the way, we can learn not only about competition. In many cases, games also require teamwork and cooperation, which can be harder than a fierce battle

In many games, such as Dobble, younger siblings can also participate. In these types of games, we practice reflexes and perceptiveness. Sometimes games require unconventional actions from the child. There are games where the rules are very fluid and allow for very interesting gameplay. At the same time, they require careful planning. This is the case in games in which we build our city, village or civilization. Such games provide a lot of entertainment

Home factory of crazy clothes

This is great entertainment for both girls and boys. Just take out of the closet old shirts or pants and scraps of material and fabric dyes. Beforehand, plan together with your child what effect you want to achieve on the clothes. How about creating a T-shirt with your child’s favourite character? There are safe and easy-to-use fabric dyes and markers available on the market. Your child is only limited by his imagination. While dyeing, stitching and drawing, some really crazy patterns can be created. After all, it’s worth taking a photo shoot of your new home collection and brag about it to your loved ones. Who knows, maybe your child will awaken in himself a new passion?

A great solution is also to remake old, unworn clothes. Rips on pants, colorful stitching or patches. It is also a great opportunity to learn new useful skills, such as sewing on a button or mending a tear. At the same time, we give the child an opportunity for artistic expression and to create something of their own

Home experiments

At school, there is not always the space to be able to participate in chemical or physical experiments. At home, on the other hand, there is time and space and a great deal of reagents. You can use salt, detergents (carefully, of course), or other substances at home and show your child the crystallization process, controlled small explosions, we can even create a homemade volcano. Physical experiments at home are equally interesting. We can play with sound or gravity. Many ready-made recipes for experiments can be found on the Internet. Among the most popular are:



  • a bowl,
  • a cup of vinegar,
  • half a liter of water,
  • one tablespoon of dishwashing liquid,
  • half a packet of baking soda,
  • red food coloring,
  • a tall vessel, e.g. a blender cup or a truncated 1-litre bottle.

Pour water into a tall container, then add a tablespoon of liquid to the dishes and the red food dye. Thoroughly mix the resulting mixture. Put the dish into a bowl. It is worth spreading an old towel under the bowl. In one smooth motion pour the baking soda into the dish. The eruption has begun!



  • a bubble set,
  • frost 😉

You can buy a ready-made bubble-making kit or make one from dishwashing liquid and water. To the liquid it is worth adding a few drops of glycerine and sugar. Release the bubbles close to the surface on which they can settle. If you do not have a ready-made set, you can use a straw as a tool for releasing bubbles. If it is cold outside, the bubble will freeze quickly, and you can then observe it carefully and touch it


Children grow up, become parents, and the immortal game of puns still proves to be an ideal entertainment for whole families and people of all ages. During the game you have to show a lot of creativity. It is also worthwhile to determine in advance the categories into which you will play with your children, and even come up with your own slogans to be drawn, write them down on small pieces of paper and throw them into the pot from which you will draw. This will also allow you to get to know your child’s world, as their idols and favorite pop culture characters are sure to appear on the cards

We’re going to build a base today!

Everyone seems to have had their base camp as a child. Of course, the best are those in the bushes, unfortunately, sometimes the situation or the season does not allow for such a solution. However, nothing prevents you from building it at home. It is worth creating a project beforehand, determine what we will make it of, how it will look and what will be in it. Real construction in your house. Thanks to this, the child will learn creative thinking and planning. There are also blocks on the market, from which we can construct such large and intricate structures as a base, but blankets, chairs and cardboard boxes, which may be lying around after the move, will also work.

Tinkering together

A bird feeder, a piggy bank, a school supply box. These are all things you can do with your child at home as part of a DIY project. We teach your child the skills to create things from what we have at home, without having to buy them. At the same time, we give vent to the creativity that is in him/her well and above all, we spend time together, which is an invaluable added value

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