Buggy gym – do you know all about fitness with a stroller?

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Buggy gym – do you know all about fitness with a stroller?

Have you recently become a mom, but your only activity with your toddler is walking alone with a stroller? Then you should try buggy gym. It is a form of activity, which is becoming more and more popular.

Young moms are not likely to complain about the lack of exercise, because with a newborn there is quite a lot of work, but nothing is so regenerating as walks combined with a touch of fitness exercises. And such an opportunity gives the buggy gym, that is active walks with a toddler, but not alone, but in a group of other new mothers.

Go with a baby carriage and in a group for an active adventure!

Fitness is one of the favorite forms of exercise for many women. Ladies love exercises that can sometimes be choreographed to the rhythm of their favorite music. This is usually the case in training rooms. Outdoor exercises are also a very interesting option. This is a great alternative for moms, who instead of going for a traditional walk with a stroller, can exercise in a wider group. Buggy gym training gives them such an opportunity

And what is it actually about? As the name suggests – in English “buggy” means a baby carriage – it is a form of exercise, where the child’s accessory plays a significant role. In simple terms, it is an active walk that consists in performing fitness exercises with a baby carriage. These are primarily strengthening and stretching movements, as well as aerobic movements.

The buggy gym form of training is most often done in nice neighborhoods, such as city parks. Such places are chosen for a reason, after all, nature additionally fuels the body with energy. What’s more, in parks, moms have the additional opportunity to exercise next to benches or trees, which adds variety to their workout. And it’s also more attractive for toddlers in strollers, who tend to be fascinated by what’s going on during such workouts.

Combining motherhood with an active lifestyle

Where did the idea of buggy gym training come from? This modern form of activity for a parent with a child is an idea promoted by a Czech doctor – Sarka Solecka. After giving birth to another child she started to feel longing for physical activity outdoors. She also didn’t have much time for it, so she decided to spontaneously call some of her friends and together with children go for a joint training in the park.

The idea turned out to be a great idea and thus an activity for moms was created, and an ordinary walk with a stroller took on a different dimension. What is important, due to the fact that Solecka works in the medical industry, she also carefully selected exercises for the buggy gym, because, as we know, not every form of activity is recommended for moms after childbirth. That’s why, together with a group made up of movement specialists – physiotherapists, orthopedists and fitness instructors – she created a grid of exercises that are safe for moms. They focus mainly on stretching and strengthening individual body parts.

Buggy gym trainings have become very popular in Poland. They are conducted by qualified instructors, usually take place in groups of several people, about 3-4 times a week. Women eagerly sign up for them, because their participants face similar challenges every day when it comes to motherhood. Usually children are of similar age (a few months old babies).

In addition to joint training and active walks, they also spend time talking, for example, about parenting issues. The ladies find out on their own that buggy gym is not only a form of sport, but also good fun, integration and the possibility of establishing new, sometimes very permanent relations.

Buggy gym classes are most popular in the spring and summer months because of the favourable weather. After all, when it’s warmer outside, toddlers in strollers are willing to persevere longer on such a workout. However, connoisseurs of this activity do not pass up meetings and opportunities to train together, even when it is slightly cooler. They develop fortitude in themselves this way.

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