Want your child to share your love of reading? Here’s how to make it happen

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Want your child to share your love of reading? Here’s how to make it happen

As children, you probably loved to listen to bedtime stories or books read to you at bedtime. Listening to books and then reading them yourself develops children’s imagination, broadens their knowledge and is entertaining. For older children, it helps them to write properly and make complex statements. Today, most children choose to play games on consoles, computers or sit on their phones instead of reading books. How to encourage your kids to read?

Of course, the key is to work from the ground up. If you want your kids to enjoy reading, the first thing you should do is set a living example. If you make them read but play video games all day, guess what your child will probably want to do?

When you read to your child, do it regularly. Your child’s age doesn’t matter, but it’s a good idea to start as early as possible. Even before birth! Reading to children early has many advantages. First, familiarity with sounds, especially spoken language, can enhance their language development. Second, visual cues associated with reading, such as books, pictures, and the written word, help make reading a tangible and concrete experience. Third, reading to children creates a bond that is safe for the child. This association of comfort and safety with reading can strengthen their love of reading.

If your child is not yet reading independently, choose a picture book that will draw him in. If he is already reading, you may know his reading level. If not, ask the teacher(s) to recommend authors or books they can read. The final choice of reading, based on the title alone or even the cover, should be up to the child.

While reading together, discuss the content of the book. Asking your child questions will help them understand the story and keep them engaged. For example, ask about how the main character feels, what happens next, which character from the book would be worth befriending. Creating your own stories is also great fun. Remember, the most important thing is not the balance of stories read, but the time spent together.

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