What does the baby in the womb like? We let you in on the secret

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What does the baby in the womb like? We let you in on the secret

A baby already in the womb has its own tastes. There are things that it likes more or less. So what should the future parents do to make the baby happy?

Even several decades ago parents-to-be lived in the belief that their yet unborn offspring does not feel anything. Today, however, it is known that it is completely different. Such a baby already has its own tastes and things it likes. We check what they are!

Take care of the sounds your baby makes

According to the latest research, from around the 24th week of pregnancy your baby is already listening to the sounds that reach him. That’s why it’s a good idea to speak to your little one often. Over time, the little one even learns to distinguish voices and reacts and moves when hearing dad, mom or future siblings. Some parents-to-be notice that their baby in the abdomen also reacts to some kind of music. It is especially good to play calm, harmonious music, such as Mozart or Vivaldi. Gentle music has a beneficial effect on the intellectual development of the yet unborn baby. However, it is certain that nothing calms him more than the beating of his mother’s heart. That’s why the baby is so eager to cuddle with her after birth.

Tenderly stroking the belly

The baby likes gentle stroking of her belly. And it is best if it is combined with mom’s tender voice. Such gestures make the baby feel safe. It also positively influences the bond between the mother and her offspring. As some studies indicate, thanks to this activity it is easier to establish relations with other people later on.

Laugh as much as possible

The child in the womb senses its mother’s moods. That is why it is worth taking care that she laughs as much as possible. Besides, during laughter the baby jumps in the belly, which may resemble something like jumping on a trampoline. And he will certainly enjoy such fun. When you are in a good mood, your body releases happy hormones, or endorphins, which are also transmitted to the yet unborn baby. Therefore, during pregnancy it is worth taking special care of your mood, try to avoid strong stress. If the future mother has a very nervous job, then it is good for her to think about going on leave. This can have a negative impact on her unborn child. And after all, their health is the most important thing!

Walking is good for mom’s health and rocking the baby

Moms-to-be may have noticed that during walks or daily activities, their baby is often quiet and you may suspect that they are sleeping. No wonder, when mom is walking, her offspring in her belly is rocking, so it is more likely to fall asleep. In turn, as soon as she lies down, you can see that the baby suddenly becomes animated, begins to move and kick

Everything that relaxes the mother relaxes the baby

A happy and relaxed mother is undoubtedly a happy and relaxed baby in her belly. Therefore, during pregnancy, the parent-to-be should make sure to do as many activities as possible that relax her. These can be reading, meditation, bathing – whatever. Calm and good mood ensure the baby’s healthy and harmonious development, so it is worth taking care of it.

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