5 facts about the blessed state you should know before you get pregnant

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5 facts about the blessed state you should know before you get pregnant

Women often wait impatiently for the dream two lines to appear on the test. However, it turns out that they are often not prepared for what awaits them in the coming months.

Women who are trying to have children often do not know what pregnancy looks like and what ailments (and not only) accompany it. So it is worth taking an interest in it, in order to avoid surprises and possible problems later on

1. Eat for two and not for two

Diet is very important during pregnancy. Some women think that they can eat anything and everything when they are expecting a baby. Many dietitians encourage you to follow the “eat for two, not for two” rule during pregnancy. It is worth ensuring that the diet is rich in wholesome products. That is why on your plate should appear fatty sea fish (rich in omega-3 acids), nuts, fruits and vegetables. It is better to give up coffee, colored fizzy drinks and sweets. In case of the latter – a cube of chocolate will not do any harm, but a whole bar will. Besides, overeating sweets is not only unhealthy, but also contributes to many extra kilograms, which will be hard to get rid of after childbirth

2. No stimulants

Experts agree on one thing – during pregnancy a woman should give up all kinds of stimulants. In some places there is a belief that “after all, a glass of wine will not hurt”, but then you have to answer the question: “And will it help?”. There is no specific dose of alcohol, which would be completely safe for the unborn baby, so it is best to give it up

3. A pregnant woman has different rights than a woman who is not expecting a baby

You should bear in mind that if you are in a blessed state, you have special rights. What rights? Our supervisor may not give us overtime, hire us to work nights or work more than eight hours a day. A pregnant woman may not work more than eight hours a day in front of a computer, and she is entitled to a ten-minute break after every fifty minutes of work. A pregnant woman may not lift anything that weighs more than three kilograms, work at heights or in a place where noise exceeds 65 dB, or in conditions that expose her to infections such as smallpox, rubella, herpes, HIV, toxoplasmosis or cytomegalovirus. A pregnant woman may also not work with certain chemicals. The employer is obliged to provide appropriate working conditions for pregnant women. If a pregnant woman does not feel well, she can use sick leave – while on it she is entitled to 100% of her remuneration.

The mother-to-be can also rest assured that she will not lose her job unless she herself terminates the contract, commits a crime, has her workplace closed down or is guilty of gross misconduct. It is worth knowing that pregnant women who are employed for a trial period of more than a month or for a fixed period are also protected

4. Urinary incontinence may occur

Many expectant mothers are surprised when their underwear becomes wet after a sneeze, a fit of laughter or a cough. Urinary incontinence is one of the more common complaints that accompany women during pregnancy. This is because the baby presses on the organs and the pelvic floor muscles, or Kegel muscles, are weakened. That is why it is worth exercising them. It is enough to clench and relax the perineum several times a day (as if you wanted to urinate and stop it). Such exercises can really help and will avoid incontinence after childbirth.

5. Regular visits to the dentist are important – teeth deteriorate faster

Pregnant women should visit the dentist regularly. Hormones and numerous changes in the body make it easier to get cavities, decay or inflammation of the gums. It is also worth knowing that untreated teeth can contribute to more serious infections, in extreme cases affecting the course of pregnancy

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