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5 rules for a beautiful looking bust

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5 rules for a beautiful looking bust

Throughout her life, a woman goes through different periods. Pregnancy time is when the glandular breast tissue grows dynamically and the breasts enlarge by up to several sizes. Then comes the nursing period when they fill up with milk. The appearance of breasts after pregnancy and nursing is often the cause of great complexes in women. Here are some proven tips on how to take care of your breasts and keep them firm

Choose the perfect bra

If you want to take care of your breasts, following this point is mandatory. Statistical research shows that as many as 80% of Polish women wear bras which do not suit their breasts. To a large extent the bra is responsible for the shape and appearance of our breasts, which in turn influences their condition. Brafitters provide help and are able to help at every stage. Pregnant women should visit a specialist even every 3 months, because the shape of breasts is changing all the time, and with it their size. During this time it is worth investing in stable and built-up underwear. On everyday basis a well fitted bra brings many benefits, stabilizes the posture and protects against back pain

Remember about regular exercises

Breasts consist mainly of fat tissue, which determines their size and firmness. Under the fat is the muscle tissue. Exercise not only affects the fatty tissue, but also stimulates the deeply hidden muscles to work. Training will not affect the size of breasts, but on the correct posture already yes. This in turn will optically raise the line of our breasts.

What is worth including in your daily workouts? A variety of plank exercises, push-ups and sit-ups. Exercises with light dumbbells are recommended to strengthen the arms, and thus the chest. Remember one thing – being pregnant, you should consult with your doctor about any exercise

Use cool water when bathing

Cold water has a number of properties that help firm the breasts. It dilates blood vessels, improves circulation and also accelerates the excretion of toxins from the body. By using cold water while bathing, your breasts will become fuller. This type of treatment can be performed at home. To begin with, we recommend testing your tolerance threshold, the water should be cold, not ice-cold. Then the shower should be directed to the lower part of the body, and only then to the upper part. It is recommended to do it alternately with warm water. Each cold/warm phase should last 30 seconds, and the whole bath should last about 5 minutes

Home massages to improve breasts

A simple and great way to improve breast firmness is to do your own massages. They can be performed every evening in the shower or before bedtime. You do not need any specialized equipment for this purpose. Massage should be done with whole hands or their pads. During the treatment, perform circular movements, starting at the bottom of the breasts, going towards the sternum, and ending at the décolleté and neck. This simple massage has many benefits. First, it improves blood circulation, which makes the breasts firmer. Secondly, it is an effective way of early detection of lumps or alarming changes in the breast glands. After the procedure it is recommended to use moisturizing preparations. They should be completely natural and organic. We may be tempted to use argan or coconut oil. Particular attention must be paid to pregnant women. Preparations should be designed just for them, and the massage must be gentle.

Use the right cosmetics

There are plenty of cosmetics available on the market that are designed to firm breasts. Cosmetic products have a long-term effect and are a great addition to everyday bust care. We recommend the use of firming serums, various types of creams with the same effect, as well as cosmetics for breast shaping and filling. To strengthen the effect we can use bust scrubs, which exfoliate dead skin and improve circulation

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