Is it safe to travel by air while pregnant?

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Is it safe to travel by air while pregnant?

Many expectant mothers face this dilemma. Is air travel during pregnancy safe? We hope that this article will dispel all your doubts.

Pregnancy is not a disease – yes and no!

On the one hand, the popular saying that pregnancy is not a disease is true, on the other hand, mothers-to-be and their little one should be especially careful. Of course, another issue is that every pregnancy is different. Just because one woman has been through this condition without any problems, does not mean that this will be the case for every other woman. Some pregnant women have numerous health problems during this period, and even in carrying the pregnancy to a safe term, so such issues should be approached individually. One of the questions that mothers-to-be have is whether it’s OK to travel by plane when pregnant.

Pregnancy and air travel

Nowadays, travelling by plane is nothing special. Today, we board planes just like we used to board buses and trains – facts that are hard to argue with. Thanks to planes, we visit family and friends abroad or fly on holidays, also more accessible than just a few decades ago. Taking into account that pregnancy lasts 9 months, it seems to be a big sacrifice to give up air travel for the whole period of waiting for a child. What do the specialists think about it?

Yes, but..

Consideration of air travel during pregnancy should begin with whether you are dealing with a smoothly progressing pregnancy. If it is so, doctors see no reason for the future mother to give up her professional activity or travel. However, it is worth remembering that a pregnant woman is a passenger with limited mobility and should be treated in a special way. The answer to the question of whether air travel during pregnancy is safe is therefore: yes, but do not forget about special safety considerations!

Start by consulting your pregnancy doctor

The first point to prepare for your trip: call your health care provider! The doctor who is caring for you and your baby will know best whether to give you the green light to travel. He or she is your wisest advisor in this situation and is worth listening to. Especially after the 28th week of pregnancy it will not be possible to travel by plane without a medical certificate. This consultation is also necessary for formal reasons. You should also bring your pregnancy card and current medical checkups with you on the plane.

Travel is safest during this trimester

If your trip is a planned vacation and not an emergency, plan it for the second trimester of your pregnancy. The risk of miscarriage is much higher during this time. The risk of miscarriage is much lower than at the beginning, and the well-being of the mother-to-be is usually better than in the first and third trimesters.

What to keep in mind during the flight?

If you are already on an airplane, keep in mind a few important rules. Drink plenty of water during the flight, as you need it even more during pregnancy. Bend and straighten your legs frequently, and take a walk around the deck every half hour if possible. When you book your seat, try to make sure that your seat is close to the toilet. Doctors also agree that a pregnant flight should not last longer than 4 hours. Longer flights should have a specific justification.

Air travel during pregnancy – it’s easy

As you can see, the situation is not too complicated. If you are one of the moms-to-be with good test results, air travel seems to be as achievable as possible. Just keep safety concerns in mind and above all, listen to your body. It is the best advisor

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