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Fashionable and original hairstyles for girls that every mom can easily do

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Fashionable and original hairstyles for girls that every mom can easily do

Do you prefer the hair style of your favourite fairy tale heroine with a quiff, braid, tassel or rope? We show you which hairstyles are right for your little girls, young and old.

Many mothers can’t wait for their little girls’ hair to grow long enough to create all kinds of hairstyles. At first, it is fun to add a fringe or a cornrow on top of the head. Later, the time has come for more elaborate hairstyles.

However, not every little girl likes combing her hair. It is therefore important to do it gently and sensitively, starting at the ends and slowly working your way up. Tangled strands will only cause pain and discourage your child

When it comes to accessories, you need a brush with soft bristles, scrunchies without metal parts (which pull and tear strands of hair) and bobby pins, clips and ties

Importantly, any hairstyle should be durable and comfortable. There can be no question of any discomfort or the need for constant touch-ups. Of course, do not forget that little girls are usually not very patient, so the execution of the hairstyle should proceed quite smoothly. Often it is useful to have something to divert attention – a book, a painting or, as a last resort, fairy tales.

Hair bow

The first proposal is very cute and is perfect not only for everyday, but also for all kinds of events and celebrations. In addition, it can be made in a girl of any age. The whole process is quite fast and does not require special skills. At the end, if someone feels like it, you can curl the remaining strands on a curling iron or straightener.

Braiding with Lace

Braids are one of the simplest yet most glamorous updos. With good reason, many brides decide on this hairstyle. This time, the hairstyle tutorial for girls shows a braid, but with a little something extra, namely decorative lace. If you don’t have one, you can use any ribbon, which you pin on the top and match braids on both sides. Finally, we can put them in a bun, curl the hair or leave it loose.

Not a ponytail, not a braid, but… a rope

This hairstyle is instant and can be done in a matter of minutes. It’s perfect if you’re short on time. Simply gather your hair into a ponytail, tie it up with a scrunchy (you can cover it by wrapping a strand of hair around the ponytail), divide it in half and twist each section around its own axis, then twist both sections together in the opposite direction. Such a hair string looks very neat and elegant, and at the same time is very comfortable. It is also very comfortable.

A Waterfall on Your Head

The waterfall braid is a very delicate and simple updo. It suits all hair lengths whether straight, wavy or curly. The waterfall braid can be used as a basis for further experiments. You may like to try combinations with thicker strands of hair, or add some bobby pins or curls.

Be like Elsa

At the end we left the braid, which can be seen on Elsa, the heroine of the beloved fairy tale of many girls, or “Iceberg”. It is braided from the very top, runs through the entire head and falls softly on the shoulder on the other side. Of course, the longer the hair, the better the effect. It is also important to loosen the strands to make the braid appear even larger and full of volume

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