Is your child overweight? Here’s how to wisely help him lose weight

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Is your child overweight? Here’s how to wisely help him lose weight

Unfortunately, more and more children are struggling with being overweight. When you see that your child weighs far too much, go with her to see a pediatrician. The doctor will help to determine the cause of such a state of affairs. Of course, a healthy diet and a dose of sport are also advisable. If your child is overweight, we suggest how to wisely help him lose weight!

Environmental factors resulting from lifestyle are the main cause of overweight and obesity in children and adolescents. Bad eating habits and lack of physical activity badly affect the body of a young person. Additionally, children spend most of their free time passively, watching TV, playing computer games or surfing the Internet. Unfortunately this lifestyle causes disorders in motor development and results in obesity.

Talk to your child about your concerns

Do you see that your child is significantly overweight? Don’t be afraid to talk to him about it! Of course, the conversation will depend on your child’s age, but your child should feel that you want the best for him or her and are willing to participate in the weight loss process

Shopping and cooking together

To instill healthy eating habits in your little one, you can start by going grocery shopping together. Go to the store together and buy healthy foods – especially fruits and vegetables. Let your son or daughter decide what to put in the cart. Explain to your child why certain foods (especially highly processed foods) should not go in the cart. By including your child in the decision-making process, you give him or her a sense of control and boost his or her confidence. Your child should understand that the success of the weight loss process depends on him.

Ensure healthy food at home

Children develop eating habits, usually by following the example of their parents. If you want to help your child in the fight against excess weight, then you need to make significant changes in the home menu. What is worth doing? It is best to limit the consumption of so-called fast food. Of course, once in a while you can eat fries or a hamburger, but it can not become a habit! Offer your child healthier alternatives to salty and greasy fries. Better reach for a grilled chicken breast sandwich or a healthy salad

Always keep fresh fruit on top at home. Also have chopped vegetables, low-fat yogurt and nuts, and mineral water on hand. Making homemade juices is worthwhile, so use a juicer. And keep any sweets at home in small amounts and always tucked away. When you want to help your child lose weight, don’t eat sweets in front of the kids. Also, buy smaller quantities of food, but better quality. Don’t force your child to eat, it can be counterproductive. Meals should be served on medium plates, so that the portion optically appears larger than the same portion on a large plate.

Sport is healthy

When you want to help your child lose weight, don’t forget the importance of physical activity. Exercise plays a key role in the weight loss process. Be an example for your child! After all, children imitate adults, so a good example coming from parents and active leisure time together is very important. Go for a walk together or go for a bike ride. It is also a good idea to sign up your child for sports activities after school. Activities appropriate to your child’s age and interests can be a great way to spend time with peers. If your child is struggling with severe obesity, enroll him in a group where there are more children struggling with this problem. In such a group, your child will not feel too much embarrassment and you will not expose him to malicious remarks about his appearance or low physical fitness.

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