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How to take care of children’s hair to make it strong, thick and shiny?

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How to take care of children’s hair to make it strong, thick and shiny?

Strong, thick and shiny hair is a dream for many of us. But to get it, you need to take care of your hair from a young age!

Curls or straight, dark or light? Your child’s hair may be different, but it should look healthy! So how do you take care of it so that it stays strong and shiny for years to come?

Washing Your Baby’s Hair is the Most Important Thing

How should we wash our baby’s hair? The more gently, the better – this principle has been valid since the child’s birth. Remember that the skin, especially the skin on the head, is very delicate and, most importantly, prone to irritation. Hair follicles are still forming, so it is important not to hinder this process with inappropriate care.

Children, especially those in their first year of life, require gentler, hypoallergenic cleansers because they alleviate the frequent occurrence of dandruff on the scalp. The best soaps and shampoos are those that contain oily substances, such as evening primrose extract or almond oil. Older children may already use herbal shampoos, but these products should still contain a lot of soothing and nourishing substances. Remember that the scalp of a toddler needs special care even when the child is already several years old

What should you do with your child’s hair after washing? Do not dry them with a hair dryer, just wipe them thoroughly with a towel. Washing the hair too often will not have any negative effect on the condition of the hair. However, improper hair care may weaken the hair and therefore, cosmetic products for child hair should be chosen carefully.

Hair Care for Children. How to Handle it Properly?

Children’s hair is much more delicate than adult hair and therefore requires lighter washing cosmetics without artificial detergents, which may weaken the hair. Especially long hair in girls is a care challenge, because it matters not only how to wash it, but also how to dry, style and comb it.

Specialists advise to wash children’s hair 2-3 times a week. It is best to do this with natural shampoos, which are great at removing excess sebum from the scalp, but also provide adequate hydration and, most importantly, do not cause irritation

Slightly older children and especially girls have long hair and need the proper accessories for hair care, such as a hair brush, scrunchies and bobby pins. Remember that your child’s scalp is delicate, so choose a brush with soft bristles, which will allow you to easily comb through the often tangled strands

How often should I brush my baby’s hair? Even 2-3 times a day, especially the long ones, as regular brushing strengthens the hair roots. The overall condition of your child’s hair may be impaired by tying it up tightly, e.g. in a ponytail. It is therefore better to use loose scrunchies to tie up unruly strands of hair. Use bobby pins to keep the hair from pulling too much and causing unnecessary discomfort.

The condition of hair says a lot about the health of your child

In addition to our appearance, we unfortunately also inherit a tendency towards skin or hair diseases such as seborrheic dermatitis. However, this does not mean that various measures to improve the appearance of your child’s hair are pointless! There are many factors responsible for the appearance of hair that we can control. Don’t forget that the condition of the hair reflects the state of health. The appearance of your child’s head can tell you quite a lot about his or her overall health, how he or she eats and drinks enough water, and how well his or her hair is cared for

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