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What items of clothing should a pregnant woman not choose?

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What items of clothing should a pregnant woman not choose?

Pregnancy is a special time. In addition to healthy eating, proper amount of sleep and regular visits to the doctor, the future mother can not forget about appropriate clothing. Which elements of clothing are better to avoid during pregnancy?

During pregnancy a woman takes care of her diet, the amount of sleep she gets, has regular check-ups, gives up drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes. There are many things to pay attention to while expecting a baby. One of them is the choice of appropriate clothing. Why is it so important? First of all, for the sake of your baby’s health and your comfort. What you wear during pregnancy matters! So what should you avoid?

Tight clothes

As your belly grows, so does the extra weight your spine has to carry. The increased weight often makes it more difficult to walk and also makes you tire more quickly. In addition, a protruding belly can make it difficult to bend down or put on shoes, and the skin stretches at a rapid rate. All this can cause a lot of discomfort, so do not enlarge it by wearing tight clothes, such as too tight pants. Such clothing can cause pressure on the abdomen, which in turn leads to pressure of the waters on the baby. Prolonged pressure can even result in circulatory disorders within the foetus. It is therefore not worth taking the risk. It is definitely a better idea to buy comfortable, loose-fitting maternity pants, which ensure the free flow of blood and oxygen in your body.

Badly fitting underwear

Pregnant women should choose underwear slightly differently than before. Cotton panties will be the most comfortable (any lacy or elastic ones should be abandoned at this time). This is due to the fact that during pregnancy a woman is much more prone to intimate infections. You should also avoid thongs. The best choice would be classic briefs or boxers. You should also avoid thongs or boxer briefs, which are a good choice as the size of your breasts will increase during pregnancy. Comfortable sports bras, which are easy to wash and do not need to be resized so often, are a good option

Stilettos and high-heeled shoes

When you are pregnant, stilettos and other high-heeled shoes should definitely be put aside. This is mainly because wearing this kind of footwear increases the risk of falling, which in turn can endanger both the future mother and her baby. During pregnancy, the belly changes the center of gravity of a woman’s body, making it difficult for her to keep her balance while walking on thin heels. Moreover, this type of footwear puts pressure on joints and ligaments, which are softer in pregnant women. Unfortunately, it is only one step away from straining, spraining, twisting or other injury. Stilettos put strain not only on your spine but also on your feet, which in turn may cause you pain while walking. While you are expecting your little one, choose comfortable, flat-soled shoes such as sneakers or sneakers. If you find it difficult to part with your stilettos, choose low-heeled shoes with a 2-cm heel.

Clothes made of artificial materials

Clothes made of polyester or other artificial materials mean sweat isn’t absorbed quickly enough to dry out your skin, which can lead to colds and chills. This is particularly important to bear in mind, because due to the hormonal storm during pregnancy, many women complain of excessive sweating. Besides, clothes made of artificial materials can cause an allergic reaction on the skin. Redness and rashes are a common occurrence for people who source clothes from shady suppliers. When choosing maternity clothes, always check their composition, which can be found on the tag. The best choices are those items of clothing that are made from natural materials, such as cotton, linen or certified knitwear.

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