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5 gadgets every mom-to-be will enjoy

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5 gadgets every mom-to-be will enjoy

Is your friend or sister expecting a baby? Wondering what to get her for her baby shower or birthday? Here are 5 ideas for a practical gift

A woman in a blessed state often faces various ailments. The ring no longer fits on the finger, and the watch strap is missing holes. So what to buy to make the waiting for the baby’s birth more pleasant?

1. I’m pregnant binder

A binder is used to store all the medical documents that you collect throughout your pregnancy. It is a perfect gift for a person who likes order and tidiness. What is most important, it contains answers to many questions – e.g. how to count fetal movements? When to sign up for an ultrasound? Or when to make the first doctor’s appointment?

2. Pregnancy & maternity photo cards

In the age of social media, many women like to brag about their pregnancy on Instagram or Facebook. However, if someone is not a fan of social media, they will definitely appreciate photo cards. They will help in capturing all the important moments related to pregnancy. They are also perfect for a private archive to commemorate those special moments.

3. Stroller muffs

Muffs are a good idea to increase the comfort of future mom during long autumn and winter walks. They will protect her hands from frost, wind and snow.

4. Medical fetal heart rate detector

Thanks to this device every future mom will feel much calmer. This device can be used already from the 12th week of pregnancy. It allows you to hear the heartbeat of the fetus, as well as its movements. The detector is equipped with headphones, thanks to which you can share the heard heartbeat of the baby with your loved ones.

5. Foot massager

Ideal for sore, swollen or tender feet. It improves blood circulation and reduces swelling. Thanks to it pregnant woman will be able to relax and unwind after a hard day.

Which proposal do you like the most?

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