How do you protect your child from insects and what to do if a bite occurs?

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How do you protect your child from insects and what to do if a bite occurs?

Insects are the bane of most parents, especially in the summer. We want to enjoy the summer months, but at the same time we are concerned about the safety of our little ones. How to protect them? What to do in case of a bite?

Vacation – a time of joy, but also of worries

Have you been waiting for long vacation days full of relaxation and joy, spent with your loved ones in the bosom of nature? We understand it perfectly – we all love these unique moments. Summer is the favorite time of year for most people, which is not surprising. Great weather promotes good mood

However, there is one drawback – insects! Various insects are a nightmare for parents who fear for their children’s safety. Unfortunately, it must be admitted that small creatures are something that can spoil the mood during rest. If you do not want to spoil your nerves, you need to arm yourself with knowledge. It is worth paying attention to some things, and also know how to react in case of a bite.

How to protect the baby from insects?

It is clear that you want the best for your little one. Because of this, the very thought of a possible insect bite sometimes seems terrifying. It is worth remembering that we have to deal with various insects and it is not always a harmless mosquito or blackfly.

Parents are worried about wasps and ticks, for example. In most cases insects like to stay in shady and damp places, they are also attracted by sweets and sweet drinks. Sweet perfumes, cosmetics and brightly coloured clothing are also things that attract insects. It’s worth keeping this in mind as a starting point for protecting your child.

Ways to protect against insects

How to prevent before an insect attacks your child? Certainly, in the case of the youngest babies, it is important to use mosquito nets in strollers or cribs. It is a simple way and significantly reduces the risk of being bitten by an insect. Of course, you should also protect your windows in this way

In addition, beware of places where insects occur. It is known that in the summer you feel like going to the river or to the lake, but in everything it is worthwhile to keep moderation. Consider choosing a good time for a walk. Don’t walk with your baby when the humidity is highest. Also pay attention to how you dress. It’s safest to choose long pant legs and long blouse sleeves, which may seem difficult in summer, but think about airy clothes perfect for this time of year. They are readily available even in the assortment of chain stores.

What to do if an insect bites your child

The fact that the most important thing is prevention is clear to everyone. But what to do when an insect has already bitten a child? First of all, explain to the toddler that the bite site should not be scratched – although the temptation at this point is really big.

Wash the bite site with running water, a good idea is also a cold compress or a special anti-inflammatory preparation. Ask for it at the pharmacy before you leave for your family vacation so that nothing can surprise you.

In case of a wasp bite, it is a good idea to reach for an onion cut in half and spread it on the bite site. Be careful not to let the onion get into your eyes because it will pinch! If the bite site starts looking really alarming, consult your doctor.

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