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What styles are worth betting on so that no one mistakes a pregnant belly for binge eating?

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What styles are worth betting on so that no one mistakes a pregnant belly for binge eating?

You have just found out that you are going to be a mother, you are beyond happy, but the clothes in your closet are screaming to change them for slightly different models, because everyone confuses your pregnant belly with binge eating. What styles should you bet on, so that no one doubts that you are expecting a baby?

Let’s not deceive ourselves, our body undergoes a real revolution during pregnancy, which begins to be visible in the first trimester. You already know that you are going to be a mom, but others do not yet and because of poorly chosen clothes, your pregnant belly may be mistaken for a slight overweight. With the right styles you can dispel all doubts and curb the sometimes quite malicious remarks

Fashion for the pregnant woman at the beginning of pregnancy

During pregnancy you may gain up to 30 kg. Therefore, women should then skillfully choose clothes. The most important thing we should do is to create a base, on the basis of which we will create the rest of styling. So what base clothing should you bet on?

At the very beginning of pregnancy it is worth to bet on slightly wider T-shirts, especially in white and black color. The belly will not be tight, but clearly outlined and no one will accuse us of being overweight. Looser shirts can be matched with any sweaters, jackets and coats. To spice up your outfit a bit, you may match an impressive pendant or necklace. It is also worth having in your closet longer blouses with thick straps, of course, also in neutral colors: black and white. Blouses should be of stretchy material, so that they “grow along with the pregnant belly”. Such clothing will also be useful after childbirth, especially during breastfeeding. An interesting alternative to longer blouses is a knitted pregnancy belt. Properly selected will nicely highlight the belly and expose it, so that no one will mistake pregnancy for the effect of overeating.

Another important element of your maternity closet are leggings. Jeans should be better left out, because they can be too supportive of the belly. On the other hand, high-waisted leggings on an elastic band will always save the situation. There are also typical pregnancy models available on the market.

Details to help with maternity outfits

All hooks and elastics are accessories which are very useful for pregnant women. Why? Because when the belly starts to grow, elastic hair bands can be used as fasteners to pants. It is the same with bras. It is best to buy special hooks, which will extend the bra strap, so you do not have to buy a bra that is bigger in the waist. It is better to invest in a decent nursing bra, which will come in handy after the birth.

Clothes on elastic are a brilliant invention for pregnant women. They save future moms, e.g. in summer, wearing shorts on an elastic band or long skirts to the ankles a woman feels free, light and nothing is pressing her. If you have in your closet very long skirts on the rubber band, you can safely shorten them, lifting even the belly, because they will not press

Dresses – the best part of the closet for pregnant women

Especially when pregnancy falls on a period of spring / summer is worth betting on comfortable dresses. You do not necessarily have to buy them in a store with maternity clothes, you can simply buy a larger size or choose those sewn from stretchy materials. If you want to show off your belly, you can confidently bet on models that emphasize its shape. Also worth attention are dresses cut off under the bust, because they are more comfortable for the growing belly. Short jackets or jeans vests go well with such dresses

Shirts – must have pregnancy styling

Loose-fitting shirts work well during pregnancy. They look fashionable and stylish when worn with leggings, shorts or a longer blouse. It is an investment that really pays off, just like with loose shirts. It will work great during breastfeeding.

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