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The perfect stroller – what should I consider when buying one?

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The perfect stroller – what should I consider when buying one?

Buying a baby stroller is a more difficult task than it might seem at first. This equipment differs not only in price and appearance, but above all in functions. So what to look out for?

Visiting a baby store, you can get dizzy from the number of products. The choice is really huge! This also applies to strollers. This equipment is particularly important and necessary, because it allows you to take the baby for a walk, trip, or to the store. Strollers differ dramatically from each other – both in price and appearance, and in functions. So what should you consider when making a choice?

Stroller for the first months of life

Before we go for the first four wheels for our offspring, we have to know that there are several types. The most popular is the deep stroller, the so-called gondola, which works well in the first months of a child’s life. It is quite heavy and suitable for a lying baby. When buying such a baby carriage, it is best to choose a model with large inflatable wheels, which will be comfortable during walks, and additionally it will not shake during the ride. When shopping, you should choose a modular stroller, i.e. one which can be disassembled into parts (usually it is a separate frame and carrycot). This makes it easier to transport.

It is worth choosing a baby carriage with a cart or a special bag, where you can hide the most necessary things, e.g. milk or diapers. Often the stroller comes with a clip-on shoulder bag where you can stow many small items for your baby. The canopy of the carrycot should have a mesh screen, which ensures proper ventilation.

Pushchair for slightly older children

A child which can already sit stably should not be carried in a carry cot as it may fall out of it. Then a pram is a better choice. You can choose between larger prams on a frame with pumped wheels and smaller ones, which are easy to fold and take up little space. The first model is perfect for further walks because it is bigger and more solid. The second model is easy to transport in a car

When buying a pram, it is worth checking whether it can be folded into a reclined position. This is important as the child may fall asleep during a walk and then it is enough to lower the backrest. Another advantage is that the handle can be moved or the seat can be turned backwards or forwards

What else should you pay attention to? Certainly the canopy. It should be solid and protect the child from sun, rain and wind. A safety belt is a must. Some models also have a built-in headband between the legs to prevent the child from slipping out when the straps are unfastened

Some pushchairs have small trays at the front, on which you can put snacks for your baby

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A model for runners

Many parents are physically active, so jogging with a child is increasingly popular. Of course, this is possible when the child has already grown a little. Then a special three-wheeled stroller with the option of locking the front wheel will prove useful. This design is agile, but not tippy. Such a baby stroller has larger, pumped-up wheels that effectively reduce vibrations, so the baby is comfortable even on uneven surfaces

What is wheel swivel?

Some baby stroller models have swivel wheels, while others have fixed wheels. The swivel is a great feature when you’re walking with the baby stroller, for example in a supermarket, between the shelves. This feature also makes it easy to turn the stroller, even on difficult terrain

These extras come in handy

Regardless of the type of stroller you choose, it’s worth checking whether the set includes a mosquito net, i.e. a thin cloth that you can use to shield your baby from insects, especially during sleep. A good addition is also a rain cover, which allows you to walk even in the rain. A bottle or bottle rack is also placed on the handles of some strollers, so you can always have them at hand.

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