Diapering a baby – how to go about it?

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Diapering a baby – how to go about it?

Diapering a baby is something that many parents fear. Is it rightly so? Not necessarily. All you need to do is prepare properly and… be patient! Learn our tricks that will make it easier for you to go through the process.

Diapering is an important moment

Giving up diapers is a very important moment for the whole family – both for the parents and the baby. Suddenly, the toddler seems to become bigger, more grown-up, and less funds disappear from the household budget, which was previously consumed by the purchase of diapers. It’s important to remember that this is a huge challenge for everyone involved. First and foremost, it is experienced by the child, but also by the parents, who must show a great deal of patience at the time of weaning. How to prepare properly so that the process provides the least amount of stress for everyone?

Weaning – when to start?

It’s almost certain that the older generation has been frequenting you with stories about how in their time children went without a diaper as early as one year old. You should take these stories with a pinch of salt, also remembering that the times of tetan diapers forced slightly different solutions than at present. Disposable diapers are quite a convenience, and this also means that parents do not feel the pressure to diaper their child very quickly. Especially since the toddler just needs to be ready to say goodbye to the diaper.

Signs of readiness for diapering – get to know them!

You probably started thinking about weaning your baby around his second birthday. In fact, it is common for children to get rid of their pampers between the ages of two and three. More important than the metric, however, is readiness. Observe your toddler and see if he shows signs of it. The child:

  • is aware of the need to defecate. Signals it with words, gestures or facial expressions;
  • increasingly wakes up after a nap with a dry diaper;
  • feels discomfort after peeing or pooping;
  • seeks a secluded place to defecate;
  • is interested in what adults are doing in the restroom.

If you notice these signs in your little one, and at the same time you too feel ready to start the process of diapering, this is the right time.

How to start weaning?

First of all, we suggest starting with buying a potty and showing it to your child. The toddler must first get used to it and understand what it is used for, so put the potty in a visible place and explain what it is used for, but do not persuade by force. Here, appropriate literature, or simply colorful children’s books on the subject of weaning, will also be helpful. On the market you will find a lot of reading suggestions that will introduce the child to the world without a diaper. 

Once the child seems to know what it’s all about, with patience and understanding, offer to use the potty. When you notice that the toddler will defecate – which you can already see by his behavior – put him on the potty. After a few successful attempts, allow your child to go without a pampers, and in panties. The best way to do this, of course, is in a safe, home environment. In case of mishaps, and these are virtually inevitable in the beginning, you will be able to quickly change the baby. 

Importantly, if you see resistance in the toddler already during diapering, nothing by force. Let go, wait and try again after a few weeks.

main photo: Bar Haim

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