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3 golden tips to help you deal with hair loss after pregnancy

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3 golden tips to help you deal with hair loss after pregnancy

Pregnancy and post-baby period is a special time in every mom’s life, but many ladies complain about the problem of hair loss. This undesirable process usually starts around the second month after the birth of the baby.

Hair loss in women after childbirth is caused by hormonal disturbances. Some ladies face this problem much longer than others. Learn 5 golden tips to help you deal with the problem of hair loss after pregnancy.

The problem of hair loss is hormonal

Hair falls out every day, so when should we be concerned? When more than 100 hairs per day fall out. Hair loss happens to people in different phases of their lives and one of the reasons for excessive hair loss may be postpartum weakness of the female body.

When it is difficult to determine the cause of hair loss, the problem may be located in the deficiency of estrogen – after the birth of a child, the level of this hormone significantly decreases. The opposite situation occurs during pregnancy – the level of estrogen increases, and the hair becomes much stronger.

After childbirth, the need for the hormone disappears, so its amount in the body decreases. As a result, hair from strong and thick becomes dull and quite thin. Those that should naturally fall out during pregnancy do so en masse after delivery. That is why postpartum women have the impression that their hair “falls out by the handful”. The reason for hair loss may also be long breastfeeding of the child, which sustains high concentrations of prolactin in the body. Stress is also a factor that increases the production of this hormone.

How to deal with hair loss after pregnancy?

1.Remedies for Hair Loss

The problem of hair loss may be helped by preparations, which support the rebuilding and regeneration of hair. At the drugstore you should pay attention to the specifics, which have the right composition for breastfeeding mothers. When choosing a proper supplement for improving the condition of hair, one should remember about its balanced composition

Preparations supporting hair reconstruction should contain vitamins and amino acids necessary for proper hair growth. Specialists also recommend the use of preparations containing in their composition of sulfur amino acids, because they are the basic building blocks of hair.

2.Proper diet

Proper and healthy diet is necessary to provide the body with proper substances and to strengthen it from the inside. What ingredients should it be rich in?

  • proteins and sulphur-containing amino acids – these are the components, which are necessary for correct hair construction. They can be found in meat, eggs and cereal products
  • silicon – strengthens hair and accelerates its growth. It is contained in oatmeal, bran, dairy products, rice and beet. The mentioned oatmeal is also a great source of B vitamins, magnesium, iron and silicon. They perfectly “clean” the intestines and supplement vitamin deficiencies needed to strengthen hair follicles.

3.Hair care

Proper care is also helpful for hair loss after pregnancy. With the help of special products we strengthen the hair bulbs and accelerate the growth of new hair. At the pharmacy we can buy gentle, herbal shampoos with black turnip or field horsetail for hair loss.

And did you know that the unskillful use of hair dryers and straighteners is also very damaging to hair? It is very easy to damage your hair because the moisture causes the cuticles to split open and the hair becomes very tangled, resulting in a lot of breakage when you comb your hair. Heat also has a negative effect on hair, as the hot air stream from a hair dryer turns the water trapped underneath your scalp into steam, which in turn destroys the hair structure. Therefore, it is healthier to let your head dry naturally, especially during the postpartum period.

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