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Best ways to cover up facial fatigue

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Best ways to cover up facial fatigue

Difficulty getting enough sleep, including too little sleep, is the most common cause of visible signs of fatigue on the face. So what are the best ways to cover up fatigue?

What makes us tired?

Today’s lifestyle is fraught with a host of problems and distractions that make the body’s condition worse and worse. The constant rush, stressful situations and difficulty in getting enough sleep make us more and more tired. Using phones before bedtime, irregular sleeping hours and notorious staying up late are some of the reasons that make the effects of fatigue show on our face. So we need a way to cover it up. Although the simplest method would seem to be to change our lifestyle, we will see the effects only after a long time. What can be done to hide our fatigue immediately?

Take preventive action

If the problem is fatigue is already visible on your face from the morning hours, it is worth taking appropriate steps the day before. The evening cleansing is the ideal time to prepare the skin for night-time regeneration. First of all, it is important to carefully and thoroughly clean the face from make-up residues. After that it is worth applying a good cream, which moisturizing, regenerating and delaying the aging process will save tired facial skin. In the colder period, that is autumn, winter and early spring, it is worth using cosmetics containing retinol or fruit acids. Thanks to them it will be possible to significantly accelerate the regeneration of the skin and maintain its firmness. It should be remembered, however, that retinol and fruit acids are ingredients that should not be contained in creams used in the summer, because they can cause discoloration.

Morning rescue for a tired complexion

In some situations a tired face surprises us in the morning and the sight of puffy eyes makes us afraid to show our face to the world. If we have the opportunity, in this situation it is worth trying to relax with a cool compress applied to the face. This is useful if the problem occurs only once in a while. However, if the problem occurs more often, it is worth reaching for a brightening or oxygenating cream and spreading it over the face before applying makeup. Make-up will also help to mask fatigue if we base it on a smoothing and brightening base. A light, illuminating fluid will be useful, and a concealer will be necessary for bruises under the eyes. Use a delicate blush or a peach-coloured one. Eye shadow should be light. A subtle make-up to hide tiredness will be completed with a gloss or a light lipstick.

Fight fatigue during the day

During the day, especially when performing difficult duties, natural signs of fatigue appear on the face and the skin itself becomes dry. We can remedy this by using a special serum to refresh the skin, which works even for several hours. It is also recommended to use thermal water or a special mist. At home, it is worth using ice cubes massage, which will promote blood circulation and brighten the complexion. However, if the signs of fatigue appear notoriously, and it is difficult to hide them, you can decide to visit a beauty salon. Specialists there will apply one of the numerous professional ways to hide the signs of fatigue on the face.

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