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Dandelion – what is it and how to fight it?

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Dandelion – what is it and how to fight it?

It is sometimes referred to as the infant/child version of seborrheic dermatitis. How to fight with dandruff when our child has it? We suggest!

It resembles a yellow crust and most often appears in the place on the baby’s head where most sebaceous glands are secreted, i.e. on the top of the scalp. Parents, especially if it is the first time for them, are somewhat worried about this state of affairs and wonder how to fight against dandruff so that it disappears for good.

Parents need to know everything about cradle cap

For a period of 9 months, a baby becomes extremely attached to its mother while she is in the womb. This bond does not end immediately after birth. During pregnancy the woman passes a large dose of hormones through the placenta to her baby, which will remain in his bloodstream for several weeks after birth. So-called cradle cap is a consequence of their action.

Seborrheic dermatitis in adults usually causes dandruff. In a baby, on the other hand, it causes the skin on the top of the head to become quite thick and flaky. What does it actually look like? Most often it takes the form of yellow, greasy and excessively flaky patches of skin, which are caused precisely by increased sebum secretion. Sometimes it resembles a crust. Although the typical location of a spot of cradle cap is usually the top of the head, it may also appear behind the baby’s ears and on the trunk. How long does cradle cap occur? Usually, newborns of 2 or 3 months old have it, but it does not always appear right after birth. However, sometimes it occurs even in a few year olds

A cradle cap is not the result of improper skin care, as some people assume. As we mentioned earlier, the appearance of cradle cap is connected with excessive activity of the sebaceous glands. When excessive sebum secretion occurs, which comes into contact with the keratinized epidermis, a scaling forms on the skin

How to deal with a baby’s cradle cap?

We can’t get rid of the unsightly crust from our baby’s head overnight. It is a long-term process, therefore you need to be patient and systematically provide your child with proper skin care. Doctors recommend using soft brushes to gently comb the emerging scales from the scalp of the newborn. However, before you start doing that, it is worth applying a cosmetic to soften the flaky skin. There are skin care products for newborns available in pharmacies which contain ingredients responsible for softening scales, e.g. sunflower oil and those inhibiting excessive activity of sebaceous glands.

Mild symptoms of cradle cap can also be treated with simple home remedies. Remember to bathe the child using only delicate and mild washing cosmetics. When it’s hot, you should avoid spending time in the sun with your baby because excessive sweating increases the activity of sebaceous glands, thus intensifying the symptoms of cradle cap.

Another good method of fighting with cradle cap is the use of baby oil on the scalp, which perfectly softens the scales. If the symptoms of cradle cap aggravate and home remedies don’t help, it’s worth asking for advice from your doctor, who can help implement some topical treatment by prescribing appropriate preparations.

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