Can diet and exercise make it harder to get pregnant?

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Can diet and exercise make it harder to get pregnant?

Diet and a daily dose of physical activity are two things you think are healthy and recommended by experts. After all, Instagram is crawling with pictures of girls working out and colorful oatmeal bowls. But can diet and exercise make it harder to get pregnant?

Social media is bursting at the seams with photos and videos of popular fitness girls who motivate girls to train together, take up challenges or follow diets. After all, exercise is good for you and your body needs to be ready for summer. It turns out, however, that a healthy lifestyle can be exaggerated and something that seemed good so far, can harm you.

Strict diet and intensive workouts may contribute to problems with getting pregnant

More and more research shows that one of the factors that contribute to the lack of fertility are: strict diet, too intensive workouts and insufficient regeneration of the body. All this leads to hormonal imbalance. At first it manifests itself as a lack of or irregular periods, but with time it adversely affects the entire body. The latter gradually begins to enter energy-saving mode, which slows down metabolism and makes you feel sluggish and tired.

Caloric deficit, avoidance of healthy fats and daily exercises make it impossible for your body to prepare for the baby – it has to think about survival first. So if you’ve been struggling to get pregnant for a while despite good test results, it’s worth taking a look at your diet, workouts, and recovery.

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