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Baby leash – safe solution or overkill?

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Baby leashes arouse a lot of emotions among parents and not only. Is it worth buying them?

For any parent, the safety of the child is paramount. And as you know, busy toddlers are often very hard to keep an eye on. Then leashes for children come to the rescue. However, they arouse a lot of controversy. Some are of the opinion that children are not animals to be led in this way, while others believe that it is nothing wrong. 

Minuses of leashes and harnesses for a child

A child on a leash attracts the attention of others. Not every adult and not every child is comfortable with this. It is important to remember that it may happen that someone laughs at the parents and their child guarded in just such a way. This can lower the toddler’s self-esteem or embarrass him.

The downside is also that due to the fact that the child is constantly strapped close to the parent – so he does not have the opportunity to fully explore the world. He won’t satisfy his curiosity, for example, by looking for a butterfly among the flowers, because he won’t always have the opportunity to approach them. Here even psychologists agree that this is quite a limitation. And it is known that a child learns the world best by experiencing and touching things. 

Leashes and harnesses are also not advisable for young children, as they can adversely affect motor development. A child learning to walk is supported by an adult, who at the same time tries to protect him from falls. In addition, the toddler does not learn the consequences of his falls, so he does not anticipate the results of some of his behavior. 

Many parents praise the convenience of using a harness if only because they don’t have to constantly explain to the child “don’t go there”, “stop”, “stay”. So much for the child’s chance to learn something, however. The parent has to instill in him the rules of conduct, including those concerning safety.

Pros of a leash for children

Of course, a leash for a child is not only disadvantages, but also advantages. After all, there is a reason why such a solution has supporters all over the world. 

It is a good method for keeping an eye on a toddler especially in crowded places where it is easy to get lost, such as at the airport.

A leash can also be of great help to parents whose child is ill, thus hyperactive, difficult to keep track of. Then it is easier for an adult to control a child, where it is difficult to predict how he will behave and whether, for example, he will not run out into the street.

Many people who decide to buy a leash for a child have experienced some dangerous situation involving a descendant. Knowing that it could happen again – they prefer to clip the child rather than expose themselves and the child again to the possibility of some harm happening to them. 

The use of a leash is also justified in the case of, for example, twins, especially if they are cared for by a single parent. Parents of such unruly twos know very well how difficult it is to go out with them for a walk, shopping or to the doctor. Besides, when one child runs to the right and the other to the left there is a fear that they will get hurt, and a parent, however willing, will not split.

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