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SEO for parenting blogs – basics and principles

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SEO for parenting blogs – basics and principles

Not so long ago we talked about local SEO services, and as you can guess the topic of SEO is still very much alive. Today about the popularity of parenting blogs which is not decreasing. If you’re a parenting blog author or just starting out, check out how SEO can help you reach new audiences. We’re talking about slightly different SEO activities than local SEO services in this case, but the differences won’t be that great.  Learn the basics and principles that will help you improve your search engine visibility worldwide.

First, the theory 

If you don’t know what SEO is, check our previous articles like the one about local SEO services, we’ve already explained everything in detail. SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of improving a website’s position in Google’s organic search results. In short, the idea is that after typing in a particular phrase, the user should receive in response such stores or portals that best suit his needs. 

Therefore, effective SEO actions result in mutual benefits: the website owner gets more traffic, which translates into e.g. sales, and the recipient gets valuable search results and does not get irritated because of encountering unreliable, accidental information.

Currently, due to the complex and very detailed Google algorithms, the optimization process consists of a whole group of different activities, which we will discuss below. Our efforts can be aided by solutions such as Etsy SEO, which somewhat simplifies the execution of basic activities that come together with SEO. Etsy SEO is of course only an example and there are other solutions available, but this one gets a recommendation from us for its high level of accessibility. 

Keywords – how to choose them? 

Willing to know a bit more about the importance of keywords we’ve questioned the SEO Germany agency webmaster. One of the basic components of SEO are keywords, i.e. phrases that a website wants to be positioned on. So if you are dealing with the topic of highly sensitive children, it would be good for your blog to show up as high as possible in the browser when certain keywords are typed in We can divide them into:

  • General, which cover the topic quite broadly, e.g. “highly sensitive children”, “high need baby”,
  • Long tail, i.e. detailed phrases that better indicate the user’s intentions – “how to raise a highly sensitive child”, “how to take care of hnb”,
  • Regional – mainly refer to local businesses, but can be useful if the blog simultaneously advertises a kindergarten / nursery, etc. 

Selecting keywords is not easy, so you should use tools available on the market, such as Google Ads Keyword Planner, Wordstream, Semrush or Senuto. 

Text and its structure

Your blog posts should above all be comprehensive, valuable and unique. Google pays a lot of attention to the quality of content and its optimization for the so-called search intent. This means that the first places in the search engine are occupied by websites whose texts are comprehensive, up-to-date and in-depth, and which answer the users’ questions. 

About the construction of the content itself, we’ve asked our friend, webmaster of SEO Germany agency again. As he explained, Google robots check whether it contains:

  • Headings (H1, H2, etc.), 
  • Lead (introduction), 
  • Adequate URL, 
  • Meta description, i.e. the one that displays in Google under the blog address,
  • Paragraphs and bullets,
  • Graphics with alt tag,
  • Linking.

For example, for an entry about the best baby carriages to rank high, model descriptions should be detailed, supported by key phrases, accompanied by properly optimized images and external (e.g., to stores) and internal (to other blog posts) links. The whole text, on the other hand, should exhaust the topic and have a proper, aforementioned structure.

Additional actions 

As we mentioned at the beginning, SEO consists of many activities. You should also pay attention to the technical optimization of the blog, think about the link base, certificates, meta tags or supporting software such as Etsy SEO. However, these are more advanced issues that will be good to implement after conducting an audit and planning a strategy.

A great way to start your SEO adventure is to install the YOAST plugin, which helps you meet all the necessary SEO criteria when writing an article. 

The SEO Germany agency team recommends in conclusion – remember to let your readers like you first and foremost. It will help you to offer unique, comprehensive content, which by the way will influence higher positioning of the website in Google search. 

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  • Josh Greenson 22.07.2022

    I think it is worth adding that in all these SEO activities one must not be forgotten – that the client is the most important. Therefore, we should take care of the quality of the published content, structure of the text, and properly selected keywords. There are also many other elements that we should take care of in order to improve the user experience, for example technical SEO. When the users see that we care about experience, they visit our site willingly.