How many times and how often can in vitro fertilization be approached?

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Failed in vitro fertilization is a source of disappointment for many couples dreaming of having a child. Fortunately, this procedure can be attempted more than once. 

In vitro fertilization – a chance to have the child you want

In vitro fertilization is a great chance for couples who cannot conceive a child naturally. Without a doubt, this is one of the most modern methods they can use. What exactly does it consist of? In vitro, simply put, enables a sperm and an egg to come together under laboratory conditions. First, the patient takes hormonal medications over an extended period of time, ova are obtained from her, and sperm are obtained from the patient. Once the cell and sperm combine, the next step scientists will take is to transfer the embryos to the woman’s uterus. There, if all goes well, the embryo will implant.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case. This is when we speak of an unsuccessful attempt at in vitro fertilization. It is worth noting that the effectiveness of this method is about 40%. So it is not low, but also does not guarantee success in every attempt.

Failed in vitro – what next?

Most couples are certainly full of hope and don’t necessarily wonder at the first attempt what will happen if the in vitro attempt fails. And rightly so, because a positive attitude is very important. However, if things don’t go your way, you need to develop a further plan of action. It is definitely worth trying a second and possibly another time.

What is important, there are no specific guidelines on how many times you can approach the treatment. This is definitely an individual issue to discuss with the doctor, who will advise the best solution for a particular couple. The specialist will not only look at the health outcomes of those trying to get pregnant, but also how a failed procedure has worn on their psyche.

How often IVF can be approached

Even if a couple is determined to pursue IVF to fruition, this also needs to be discussed with the provider. In vitro fertilization puts a lot of strain on a woman’s body, as well as a considerable cost. Many couples decide not to try too often also for financial reasons. 

Why is IVF unsuccessful?

What are the reasons for unsuccessful treatment in vitro? This question is asked by many couples. As is usually the case in medical matters, this is a very individual issue, but we can list the most common reasons why in vitro fertilization fails. These are:

  • embryo implantation disorders,
  • poor oocyte quality,
  • poor sperm quality,
  • abnormal development of the embryo.

Despite the many adversities that couples trying to have a baby by IVF must face, it is undoubtedly a great chance to enlarge their family and any doubts should be clarified with the doctor.

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