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Disposable diapers – a hit or a miss?

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When you hear the word “cloth diapers” you most probably think of products made of tetra and oilcloth, which have to be boiled and thoroughly ironed. Is that right? Well, there are such products on the market, nevertheless, it is worth knowing about the existence of their more modern equivalents. Is it a good idea to use them?

Think how many diapers an average child uses. We can talk about tons here! Disposable ones are not recyclable and they decompose for hundreds of years. In such a comparison, reusable products are definitely more ecological. The health aspect also gives much food for thought. Pampers contain polymers, thanks to which they change into impermeable gel when wet. And yet it is so important that the baby’s skin has an air supply at all times. Reusable diapers are made of two types of fabrics: PUL and MINKY. The first one is characterized by high elasticity, the second one is finished with a pleasant to touch fleece. Both PUL and MINKY are breathable and waterproof, and these features ensure the baby feels comfortable. The third aspect, that is economy, is also important. It is true that reusable diapers cost more, but it is an investment which may serve for many children. Disposable products mean money “thrown to the trash”.

SIMED cloth diaper – 23,90 PLN

Is it difficult to use cloth diapers?

Using cloth diapers is not difficult, it’s just different. Instead of throwing the product away in the trash, you put it in a pail. You don’t go to throw away the trash, you turn on the washing machine . In turn, you replace a trip to the store for a new pack with hanging up the laundry. The very operation of putting on a reusable diaper is similar to the one using pampers. Let’s also add that reusable diapers can be bought in various sizes and with various absorption capacities.

Would you give it a try, or maybe you’ve already had a chance to test it out?

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