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4 things to look for when choosing baby wet wipes

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4 things to look for when choosing baby wet wipes

Every mother wants the best for her child. This is also the idea when choosing products for babies. The offer of cosmetics and accessories for children is very rich, so choosing the right thing becomes very difficult. What should safe and non-allergenic baby wet wipes be made of? We suggest what to look for when choosing the perfect wipes for our baby. Once again reminded, it is always worth reading the information on the package, it is there the composition of the product and information about certificates obtained by the manufacturers

Wet wipes are an essential product that should be in every layette. Even if you do not use them to wipe your baby’s bottom, they still have a very wide range of applications. Moreover, they are very useful on a walk, during a journey or when you are with a small child as a guest. Baby wipes are very useful when your baby starts to eat a new diet and gets his hands and face dirty very quickly. So it is a product that has direct contact with the delicate skin of the baby. We suggest how to choose wipes so that they do not cause skin irritation and allergies in the child

Which wet wipes are worth choosing?

Without harmful substances

Newborns’ and infants’ skin is very delicate and therefore requires appropriate treatment. Wet wipes should have a very simple composition, they cannot contain any substances hazardous to children. It is worth avoiding perfumed baby wipes containing alcohol, phthalates, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES), artificial dyes or unnecessary emulsifiers. It is worth betting on hypoallergenic wet wipes, which consist mainly of water

Soft to the touch

Wipes should be particularly delicate in contact with the skin. The appropriate strength of the material is also important, as a tearing structure is a major inconvenience for parents. It is worth betting on wipes that are soft and not too stiff, which can easily squeeze between little fingers

About the nurturing and moisturizing effect

Any product that you want to use on your baby should be dermatologically tested. An interesting option is to choose wet wipes enriched with natural ingredients. Baby’s skin, especially in the first weeks of life, is very delicate, so it is easy to get redness or inflammation. Disturbing skin changes around the diaper should be ventilated by placing the child without a pampers on a waterproof mat. Help in avoiding such situations may be the use of baby wipes soaked in lotion or milk. However, it is worth choosing those products for which plant extracts are used, they have the safest effect in contact with the baby’s skin

Heavily soaked

Wet wipes should be properly soaked in liquid so as not to cause unpleasant abrasions. Wet wipe makes it easier to perform hygienic activities that do not cause discomfort to the toddler. Many moms recommend water-soaked wipes for the best daily care

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