Can you go to the dentist while pregnant?

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Myths about behavior during the blessed time are really many. One of them is the prohibition of dental treatment during pregnancy

Very often before various procedures – including dental ones – the question is asked: “are you pregnant?”. Perhaps this is the reason why many women have formed the belief that in the blessed state a visit to the dentist should be avoided. But what is the truth?

Can you go to the dentist while pregnant?

Well, this thinking is completely wrong. Specialists reassure future moms that a visit to the dentist during pregnancy is completely safe. And when a tooth hurts – even necessary. Of course, when planning pregnancy, it’s worth treating teeth in advance, but if an “emergency situation” occurs, you don’t have to wait until the solution.

Does the treatment of the pregnant woman proceed in the same way as for women who are not expecting a child? To a large extent yes. The only difference is that no dentist will offer teeth whitening, and an X-ray will be taken only in the second trimester. And what about anesthesia? Well, you can count on it too. Modern painkillers are safe. Doctors also say that not giving them can often have worse consequences than taking a single dose.

However, remember to tell your dentist right away when you sit in the chair that you are expecting a baby.

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