5 effective ways to treat swollen feet in pregnancy

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Many mothers-to-be, especially in the third trimester of pregnancy, struggle with swollen feet. This is most often associated with water retention in tissues and increases with the approaching birth. Increasing ankle circumference and foot volume may cause discomfort and hinder normal functioning. The greatest relief associated with swollen feet will come with childbirth, but until then it is worth trying to cope with swelling using home remedies. Check which methods can soothe sore and swollen feet during pregnancy

5 ways to treat swollen feet in the third trimester of pregnancy

Rest whenever you have the opportunity

Excessive walking or prolonged standing can cause excessive water buildup in the lower body, so it’s a good idea to slow down a bit in the third trimester and set your mind to resting. If it is possible, after a long walk or shopping it is worth finding a moment to lie down with your legs slightly higher than your head

Wear comfortable shoes and avoid high heels

At the end of pregnancy it’s worth completely replacing stilettos or platforms with models that are comfortable for our feet. Many girls, to cope with swollen feet, wear slightly wider shoes to prevent excessive pressure

Don’t stay still

A great way to treat swollen feet is to get them moving, even when you’re sitting at your desk or relaxing in a recliner. Wiggle your ankles, bend your toes, and don’t put one foot in front of the other

Don’t forget to hydrate

Drinking water does not, despite appearances, have a negative effect on water retention in the body. However, in the last weeks of pregnancy it is worth giving up coffee, tea or fizzy drinks

Limit salt in your diet

Excessive amounts of salt can exacerbate the symptoms of swollen feet, so it is worth modifying your diet slightly for the duration of pregnancy and replace salt with herbal spices, for example

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